Home Swimming Pool Fencing Legislation In Australia

There are currently five different systems operating in Australia for the regulation of home pool fencing.  Queensland, NSW, Western Australia and Northern Territory all have separate legislation overriding the Building Code's regulations.  All other states adhere to the building code.  A report that examines swimming pool legislation nationally and provides recommendations for consistent regulation of pool barriers in Australia can be found on www.watersafety.com.au.  

Most pool fencing legislation in Australia is based on Australian Standard AS1926 - last updated in 2007.  Western Australia and South Australia have recently updated their regulations on home swimming pool safety.  NSW and Queensland are currently working to implement change.


Plans are in place to replace the current 11 confusing pool fencing standards to just one standard that will potentially save children's lives.

From 1 December 2009:
  • Mandatory Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) signage - meeting current best practice standards - will be immediately required for all new residential swimming pools.

From late 2010

  • Eleven pool fencing standards will merge into one standard mandatory safety inspections at point of sale and lease of all properties with a pool
  • Certificate of compliance required and mandatory safety inspections at point of sale and lease of all properties with a pool
  • Fencing for all portable pools deeper than 300mm
  • Phase out of child resistant doors forming part of a pool barrier
  • Pool safety inspection certificate lasts for 2 years for a non shared pool, eg,. house, regardless of how many times it is re-leased or sold in this period
  • Certificate lasts for one year for shared pools, eg., hotel or apartment, regardless of sales or leasing volumes
  • The ability for councils to create local pool laws where state laws apply will be removed
  • Local governments gain greater powers of entry for safety inspections
  • Wider application of state laws will incorporate indoor pools and pools associated with hotels, motels, caretaker residences and caravan parks.
  • For more detailed information go to www.dip.qld.gov.au .