Fishing in Mission Beach

fishing in mission beach fishing in mission beach fishing in mission beach

Mission Beach have the best fishing charter trips to the surrounding waters of the Great Barrier Reef, for any level of angler. Our waters are internationally renowned as some of the most prolific fishing grounds in the world, so get set for some of the best fishing you will experience anywhere!
When you fish the offshore reefs around Mission Beach,  you give yourself the best chance of landing your very own prize catch. A variety of fishing methods and equipment are used including trolling, live bait fishing, bottom fishing and drift fishing.
No matter the time of year, ideal weather, location and productive fishing grounds make the offshore reefs of Mission Beach the best destination for your next charter fishing trip.
Coral trout species are the main target species for reef line fishers along the reefs offshore, Mission Beach.  Coral trout are the favourite target fish for all sectors of the fishery because they are a good eating fish and command high market prices locally and overseas.
The red emperor is a superb finfish to eat and its white, juicy flesh is delicious served either hot or cold. It is a stunning finfish for display, both for its bright red head and skin and its impressive size. It can be cooked whole (gilled and gutted) by baking, steaming, or deep frying, but is also ideal in fillet form for grilling, barbecuing, steaming and frying. If deep frying or grilling whole larger varieties, score the flesh first.The flavours of teriyaki complement this species and it can be marinated in similar flavours. Try poaching in coconut milk or apple cider for a refreshing change.The gut cavity can be filled with a mixture of herbs, rice, breadcrumbs and nuts before baking.
The skeleton and head are excellent for use in stocks, sauce bases, soups and bouillabaisse. The wings are superb crispy deep fried.
Both Large & Small mouth Nannygai have put on quite the show for the fisherman!! These awesome fish will surely test your skills!!
The month of May brings us cooler water and also the start of the mackerel season!
While the bottom fishing has also been heating up with drop in mercury levels, the real action is on the surface.
Catch some fair sized Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel while trolling lures and also on free swimming live baits, some of the big bruisers are bound to show up.
Good numbers of juvenile Spotted and Shark Mackerel can be caught in the mid water while slowly dropping our rigs to the sea floor.
Keep an eye out for more of the bigger fish coming through and really testing out our gear!
If you would like to get out to the reef and into some red hot fishing action then don’t miss your chance to get amongst the big ones.
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