Competition Winner!!!

Congratulations to Sarah Smallman of Mission Beach who was this week’s winner of the Fist Full of Cash Competition. Since the “Fist Full of Cash” Campaign commenced, Di Wagner and her team at First National Mission Beach have continued to promote the competition and are very excited to announce that this week’s winner is in their midst in Mission Beach. Sarah Smallman recently opened a small business in Mission Beach. Sarah was so excited to hear that she had won the $500.00 cash competition. She said that the news had come at a very good time and she knows exactly what she will do with her winnings. Di said, “It has been great to be a part of this campaign and we at First National Mission Beach have continued to promote and support the competition and encourage people to enter this campaign via our website, Facebook page and our weekly newsletter which we send via Utopia. We have provided the readers of our Newsletter with regular updates on the lucky winners from all other First National offices around Australia and we have continued to display the competition posters both inside and outside of our office to further encourage people to enter. The competition has resulted in a noticeable increase in activity on our Facebook page. Well Done Sarah!